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Small Dog & I are super excited to share with you three amazing jewellery making diplomas run by our friends at Jewellers Academy. But - it’s nearly the final date to sign up for a Diploma program as their doors close at the end of May.

With the online Diplomas you can:

  • Watch professionally filmed lessons anytime - time zone is not an issue!

  • Get termly one to one support from a goldsmith mentor via Zoom

  • Get individual feedback and assessment of your work

  • Get your questions answered in a weekly live Q&A session and in the private Facebook group

Bezel Set Pendants

There are now now three levels of Diploma to choose between and all are open for enrolment now!

Diploma in Silver Jewellery - for beginners and those with some experience

Diploma in Fine Jewellery - for intermediate and advanced jewellers

And brand new for 2022 is the 
Advanced Diploma in Jewellery – designed as a follow on from the Fine Diploma, for advanced level jewellers

Right now you can spread the cost of the Diploma course over 12 months which is a great way to afford your course of choice.

What is the Diploma in Silver Jewellery?

Learn to make professional jewellery from home including wedding rings, engagement rings, silver collections and working with gold. This year-long course is a complete training in silver (and gold) jewellery making suitable for beginners who are looking for a structured, supported online training in making professional silver jewellery from home.

More info https://www.jewellersacademy.com/diploma

Youtube trailer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P8MCDdv6xIY

 Collet Rings

What is the Diploma in Fine Jewellery?

This course is designed as the perfect follow on from the Diploma in Silver. If you are an intermediate or advanced jeweller you can enrol straight onto this course which is designed to equip you will skills that are not only enjoyable and fulfilling to master but will also help you to create commercial, highly desired fine jewellery.

With a focus on mastering techniques ideal for commission work, making engagement and wedding rings, tennis bracelets, earrings, necklaces, design and rendering and of course your metalsmithing skills.

There is no course quite like this created for this end of the market for jewellers with this level of support.

More info https://www.jewellersacademy.com/diploma-in-fine-jewellery

Youtube video trailer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wTgVHawKCZg


Fancy Bracelet

What is the Advanced Jewellery Diploma?

Designed as the follow on course from the Diploma in Fine Jewellery (although with the right experience you can go straight onto this one). With courses to challenge and inspire you to further develop your making skills. In addition, there is a focus on developing your own unique design ideas, identity and signature style as a designer-maker. Plus there is one to one business mentoring, a press package and more.


More info: https://www.jewellersacademy.com/advanced-jewellery-diploma

Youtube video trailer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u3Gr0gx_RP4&t

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