Book Review - Start and Grow a Profitable Jewellery Business with Jessica Rose

Book Review - Start and Grow a Profitable Jewellery Business with Jessica Rose

As some of you will know, I work with Jewellers Academy as a mentor on their online diploma courses, which combine both practical making skills and priceless business advice from Jessica Rose, the founder of Jewellers Academy.

I'm so excited to share the news that Jessica has a book coming out that shares her knowledge and acumen about starting and growing a profitable jewellery business.

It's been in making for a little while and I am lucky enough to have been gifted an advance copy as part of the book launch team!


Lets dive in and have a look!

 Index page of Start & Grow a Profitable Jewellery Business

First a bit of a warning - this is not a book you want to fall asleep reading - honestly, it's a beautifully hefty tome! Don't say I didn't tell you!

From the intro pages, to the content, this book has absolutely been set up to help you succeed. It's clearly laid out, with a great mix of storytelling, advice and chats with the jewellery community, it's really easy to dip in and out of, or pick a topic that you need a more intensive look at.

Not only is it a beautiful coffee table book, it also holds you to account with tasks scattered throughout as a way to help embed your learning.

Start and Grow a Profitable Jewellery Business with Jessica Rose


Jessica absolutely practices what she preaches, which is instantly apparent from the bright and airy graphics, matching perfectly with the Jewellers Academy online content and social media accounts, but don't be fooled by the instaworthy fonts and styling - this is definitely all substance!

The sections in the book on branding and photography help to breakdown the mysterious art that is connecting with your audience - plus fonts - I love fonts!


If you need a helping hand with how to price your pieces - you're covered in chapter 6 'Mastering Your Money'. Need to work on your online presence? Head on over to chapter 8 & 9 - it really is all there for you!

You can also ready about the Handmade & Well Paid campaign that I wholeheartedly subscribe to!

handmade & well paid logo


With over 400 pages of content, this really is an amazing read. The book is packed to the bindings with practical advice, case studies, interviews and gorgeous photography, making it a must for the bookshelf of any jewellery business owner - be they established, or aspiring.

Available on Amazon and via the Jewellers Academy website from the 20th October, I'd very much reccomend you grab yourself a copy and start (or continue!) your journey to a profitable jewellery business.

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