Expectation vs. Reality - Part 1

Expectation vs. Reality - Part 1

You know the old adage 'if something seems too good to be true - it is'? Well I'm fairly sure that some of us have forgotten that lol. I'm talking about the 'cheap and cheerful' ads that pop up all over social media, based on your web searches - or not in some cases!


After I saw a post in one of my jewellery forums, I thought that I'd do an experiment and spend £12.58 on some jewellery from Wish (other sites are available!). I mean - how bad could they be - the photos are amazing right? Yup - they really are - mainly because most of them are screen scraped (e.g. stolen) from the actual makers sites, and aren't really photos of what you'll receive - ugh.




£12.58 seems like a very specific amount I know - but that's what I paid for all of these pretty things 😍 I mean - a silver hammered ring for free?! Had to snap that up surely?!

Wish Jewellery Order


So while I'm waiting patiently for them to arrive, I'd love to know if you've had any experiences with buying from these sites? Good or bad - lets hear them!


Expectation vs. Reality Part 2 is now available here.



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Fab post! I have trouble avoiding the ebay rings. I have had great success with the loose jewels but they keep dangling those cheap rings.

I’m so mad at myself because I bought an antique Dimond ring knock off. (I pray to God that I didn’t pay $300 for a new sterling ring Cz ring only to not get silver for that price.) should have my impulse removed surgically. I have since bought a ring from a US vintage jeweler. I can’t afford a third one for $300 (especially since I COULD have bought a $600 ring instead and let me tell you, $600 will buy a ring. Not perfect but better than two 300 dollar rings. 🙄 Your posts are so good for this time of year when we plan to purchase locally to avoid supply hiccups.

Yhank you. I need to responsibly (as responsibly as possible) drop the suspected cadmium into a vast “safe” tip. Maybe returning these rings to the volcanic sludge will help lock in the cadmium. Please, show us what you did with your hazardous waste from the internet masquerading as jewelry.

I’m assuming the refractor thingy that grants knowledge with just a simple touch to the suspected fraudulent stone won’t measure metal contents?
Thanks so much for that information. Young girls always stick their hands in or near their mouths. My 11 year old niece will NOT get one of these mystery rings that I bought. I hope $10 rings buys me at least copper. Trust the green skin, right?

Sharienne Weidner

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