Lets Talk about Packaging

Lets Talk about Packaging

Lets Talk About Packaging

I LOVE getting parcels - it's like birthday or Christmas (mainly as I sometimes forget what I've ordered - oops!)  What I really don't love is all the wrapping that comes with them!

Why do they do that? 

Honestly - if the thing is small enough to send in a padded envelope, why am I receiving it in a box the size of a mini shipping container?! Surely you had a choice {insert online retailer of your choice here} and this was your best shot? Infuriating!

But Laura, you recycle don't you? 

Yes, yes I do. I (and by extension the rest of the family) recycle. A lot. We have boxes for cardboard & paper, boxes for hard plastic, boxes for glass & metal - what we don't have currently is a way to recycle soft plastic, you know, the stuff that for no obvious reason supermarkets wrap bananas in.....

Oh & I am also quite at ease licking packing peanuts to see if they are compostable (try it - it's fun 😂). 

 So as you can imagine, as an indie business with an online presence - I really didnt want to contribute to the problem.

Ok so how is your packaging any different?!

Well I'm glad you asked - pull up a chair and I'll tell you.

I don't use any plastic........ let's say that again for those of you at the back - no plastic, which means you don't get a 'which box can it go in' dilemma that takes the shine off your new jewellery!

I've worked hard & really tweaked all the things that I include - each one has a purpose and, while you may not need to keep it all, can ultimately be recycled or reused. 

What's in the Box?

what's in the boxLet's start with the box itself. Unbleached card with my lovely Small Dog Silver stamp inside (he likes to get into everything after all!). I seal the box before posting with paper tape.

The packing is either that stuff which goes in hampers (if I have any left!) or shredded recycled paper - just to keep everything from moving about in transit

Your jewellery arrives in a linen pouch (unless you've upgraded to a gift box - which is also kraft cardboard.

I send you a jewellery care card (if you take a pic to keep on your phone the card is then recyclable!) and a jewellery cleaning cloth - in a card package - to keep your new piece all shiny and clean.

Last but not least you'll also get a business card (in case you want to pass my details on - ah go on, you know you want to!) and a secret note on a recycled card postcard - because everyone likes getting secret notes don't they!


So there we have it - my take on eco packaging - if you'd like to see it up close just go ahead and pop across to my shop, treat yourself & a parcel of joy will be on it's way to you in no time!

Till Next Time


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I love that your packaging is all recyclable. I do so wish larger retailers would get the message. This not being able to recycle soft plastic nonsense is ridiculous and if we can’t recycle it, why oh why are manufacturers still bloody using it?! OK. Rant over. Well… until recycling day! Sue x


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