What does your jewellery say about you?

What does your jewellery say about you?

Are you all about the statement pieces? Or are you more of a laid back style kinda person? Your jewellery can introduce you before you say a word!


Elegant & Timeless 

Some have a classical elegance, an eternal style - this is embodied in the clean lines and effortless glamour in both your clothes and home.

You love tradition, your family is important and your close circle of friends enjoys cosy get togethers.

Gorgeous pearls and traditional gemstones are your jewels of choice, from small stud earrings to simple layered necklaces, everything about you says elegant and timeless.


Boho & Earthy

Does your jewellery gravitates toward earthy tones such as brown, forest green, beige and ocean blue? If so then you are a boho & earthy type of person. Your style exudes warmth, with layers of natural style.

Your jewellery very probably includes gorgeous turquoise, raw gemstones, amethysts and moonstone or labradorite - and possibly that pretty shell you found on the beach and took home.


Jeans & a Tee

Always on the go, casual yet put together. 'Jeans & a Tee' can be the perfect backdrop to many types of jewellery. From a statement necklace, to a simple bracelet - this is perhaps the most chameleon-like personality.

Your jewellery wardrobe probably includes a variety of pieces from vintage, to boho, to statement and why wouldn't it, your clothing and jewellery empowers your active kind of life and still makes you look good in any situation.


There are so many other jewellery personalities - which one do you think you are?!

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