Wisdom, Owls & Helping Wildlife

Wisdom, Owls & Helping Wildlife

I've decided to try and raise more for my local wildlife charity - hence I present to you.......

Athena and the Owl

Who was Athena? Well that is an excellent question - have you got a drink & a biscuit? Good - let's learn!

Athena, or Athene, was the Greek Goddess of many things (a very important & busy person - like Small Dog 🐶). Her patronages included wisdom, courage, inspiration, civilisation, law and justice, strategic warfare, mathematics, strength, strategy, the arts, crafts, and skill - part timer eh?!

The owl was her bird, specifically the Little Owl, although it is entirely unclear why! Some think it's because being able to see in the dark is a sign of wisdom, it is handy tbh and it stops you walking into thing, but is that wisdom? Others think that it's simply due to the amount of these gorgeous birds in the Athenian locale.

Whichever idea you subscribe to, there is a long link between this multi-talented Goddess and the Owl.

Athena and her Owl Artwork by Brenda Burke

My Athena Earrings

My Athena earrings are created by hand stamping sterling silver, then adding a dark patina to bring out the amazing details.

These petite stud earrings are perfect for everyday wear.

They are also lovely as gifts, perhaps for a teacher or someone at Uni (you know, the wisdom & knowledge thing!)

Athena Sterling Silver Earrings
And now for the truly wise part!

A donation of £5 from the sale of each pair goes to Cuan Wildlife Rescue, a fabulous local to me animal rescue charity.

If that isn't enough of a reason to grab a pair (or 2!) I'm entering every lovely person who buys a pair into a draw to win a £25 gift card for my site - meaning you could win the cost back in full! And guess what - I'll carry on doing the draws each time I reach £100 in donations 🌟

So why not go and order some today! 

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