Expectation vs. Reality - Part 3

Expectation vs. Reality - Part 3

If you haven't already, you probably want to go and have a read of Parts 1 & 2 of this mini-series here.

And now for the latest arrival from my online shopping spree!

I present to you the 'Women'S Three Stone Princess Cut 1Ct Diamond 925 Sterling Silver Bridal Wedding Engagement Band Ring' - these names are so snappy!

From the product title this appears to be a 1ct diamond in sterling silver (bit of an odd choice, but ok) for the bargain basement price of - wait for it - £2.

Confusingly the description then goes on to say it's 'white gold filled', with no mention of the diamond. Obviously I'm only in this for the diamonds, because honestly, who wouldn't be when you can buy 1ct for £2 right?!

So lets do a side by side and see what we think first.

Wish Diamond Ring


Not bad huh? the setting around the centre stone is a bit clunky, but it'll keep that diamond safe at least!

The 'wedding ring' was a bit uneven, but again - for the money you can let that slide surely.

It's a sparkly set of rings - what more could you ask for?

How about something safe to wear against your skin for starters. Yep you've guessed it, they lied about the metal in this one too!

Lovely Chap fired up the the XRF (remember, magic box from part 2) for me again and this is what he found.... brace yourself.......

I know, I was just as amazed as you that this isn't any known metal alloy (this XRF has a database to match to of about 2k alloys). And heck - not even any white gold or silver to be found! What it does have an abundance of is our new toxic friend cadmium* - this time it's only at 1290 times the EU limit** so at least it's better than the mystery metal from the 'crystal ring set' in part 2 I suppose!

Ok so lets move onto the result from the wedding ring part - this one will be better surely!


Wrong - it's worse - this shows cadmium levels nearly 2000 times the legal limit - and guess what - no white gold or silver again. But at least it did match with a known alloy in the database, not one deemed safe for skin contact, but I mean that's something right?!

Lovely Chap asked if I could please stop making him touch the carcinogenic samples - I told him the final batch will totally be what they say, come on, 1 out of 3 has to be surely............

Stay tuned for the next episode of ''WTAF is this' when we'll be looking at 'sterling silver' rings!

Part 4 - the conclusion is now available here


*For more information about cadmium have a look here - this is the ECHA infocard about its toxicity.

**For more information about the EU safety standard (REACH) relating specifically to cadmium in jewellery, have a look at paragraph 10 here.

For more information about how hallmarking and buying from a reputable maker (like me!) can stop you from buying potentially harmful 'mystery metal' have a read of my 'What are these marks on my jewellery' blog here.


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What? This is realy strange.
I love how you talk about this.
Smoetimes I have a customer with jewelry like this. And I hate to tell him it’s only trash. I don’t know why I feel ashamed. But I think the trust in the goldsmiths and handcraft artist need to stay save.


I’ve been waiting for this post. No real surprises but it’s good to get actual proof from you that this stuff is not only crappy but actually dangerous!


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