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Small Dog Silver

Stargazer Locket

Stargazer Locket

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Embrace the whispers of ancient tales with this enchanted sterling silver locket, a secret keeper for your most cherished treasures.

Meticulously crafted from recycled sterling silver, this mystical domed design, is adorned with a celestial motif reminiscent of starlit skies, each delicate detail telling a story of cosmic wonder.

Enhanced by the subtle touch of patina, this locket exudes an age-old allure, invoking a sense of timeless mystique.

Invite the enchantment of artisan craftsmanship into your realm with this bewitching future heirloom.

Locket measures approximately 1” across.

This piece comes with an 18” chain as standard - please see my chain upgrade page if you’d prefer a different length.

Handmade from start to finish in my studio in South Shropshire, England - may take up to 21 days to ship.

Marked with my makers mark (LJ)

All materials used: Recycled sterling silver

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